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Money Gun is a toy  that dispenses paper items, like cash, in a rapidly, but under user control. The preferred item to dispense with this toy is of course cash, but any item that fits in the loading compartment and out of the slot will work with it.

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The Story of Money Shooting Gun

Seeking an attention-grabbing party favor for a bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday celebration, New Year’s Eve gathering, Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion? A money gun is just the thing you need. And yes, we mean those little guns that shoot dollars into the air.

With its easy functional design, you can personalize your experience by showcasing different currencies. There is a wide range of strategic opportunities for anyone looking to create a badass laser show with their own personalized batch of custom cash bills!

So, how does it work?

It’s a simple as it can be. Lift the top cover open, place the items in the loading compartment, and pull the trigger. Make sure you aim in the direction you want the items to be dispensed. The device uses a simple motor and rubber roller assembly that causes enough friction to move us dollar bills and other items smoothly out of the slot. The ergonomic handle gives the user a good control of the loading compartment and the direction the items are released in. The squeeze trigger allows the user to control the frequency at which the items are dispensed.


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Lmao this was so much fun to use and entertaining! We used this for a surprise birthday party and it was used all throughout the event. Even at our photo booth. Awesome. Thanks

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It is super easy to set up, just slide the side handle and hook up with the provided battery, Boom!

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Its gold it works and comes with about a hundred grand worth of fake 100s

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Works good. Money shoots out fast so you have to pick it all up and start over a lot

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Sometimes called money guns or shooters, these instruments were originally created to help make it rain at gentlemen’s clubs and create scenes on social media. They’ve started to enter the mainstream as more creative options for Instagrammable moments and occasions.

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How to Use a Cash Gun?

Whether you are having a bachelorette party, a business promotion, or a special occasion, a money shooting gun can make your party stand out from the rest.

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What is money gun?

what is money gun

Money gun is a toy that dispenses paper items rather quickly, but under the control of the user. The preferred item to dispense is cash, but any object that fits in the loading compartment and falls out of the slot will work with this device..

How does money gun work?

This device is easy to use. Open the top cover, place the items in the loading compartment, and then pull the trigger using a trigger with a rubber roller assembly that creates enough friction to move dollar bills and other items smoothly. The ergonomic handle provides good control of machine while including a squeeze trigger that allows you to control how often the items are dispensed. To top it all off, this device runs on just one 9 volt battery.

How many types of money gun?

There are many different types of money guns on the market, with each one offering a unique feature set. They all vary from having a simple plastic or metal device to hold a stack of bills, to being mostly simple. These are great for quick and easy shots, but some are messy and difficult to control.

A more advanced type of gun that can shoot at long range is the money blaster. These guns often have a built-in fan that helps to shoot the coin further and with more precision. Money blasters are great for long-range shots, but they can be pricey.

Finally, there are high powered versions of the money blaster. These blasts can get extra far or be dangerous, but they’re also very advanced.

What are the benefits of using a money gun?

The money gun is becoming popular as one of the most efficient ways to give out money. They are often used at parties or events, where people can win prizes for playing games, reading poems, and more.

The game is fairly fun for both the player and their friends who get sprayed with cash. It’s a way to share wealth without unfairness and make people excited about doing so.

How to choose the best money gun?

Consider the type of event: Money shooting gun selection is partially based on how you will be using the weapon. If you’re looking for a simple gun to use at a party or more intense and require more firepower, then our money gun would be perfect.

the range you need: If you only want a short-range gun, any of the guns in our store will work. However, if you are looking for a longer range weapon, the Blaster, Bazooka, Nerf and Mattel guns are better options.

Think about the price: You can purchase a gun for yourself or find an affordable option that is appropriate for your needs

What is the range of a money gun?

A money gun is a device that shoots paper money at high speeds. It can shoot up to 100 bills per second, and has a range of up to 30 feet. Money guns are often used in nightclubs and other party settings, where they can be used to shower guests with money.

They can be used for promotional purposes, such as shooting money into the crowds at sporting events. They should be handled with care and they are generally safe to use.

Where to buy money gun?

Right here on our website money-guns.com. With many years of experience and thousands of processed orders, we believe you will find what you need from us.

How much is money gun?

The price of money shooting gun varies depending on types and material, average from $30 to $40. You can check the detail here.


Do money guns work with real money?

You can place them in the machine, fill them with real money, fake money, or any paper dollar bill-sized. Simply pulling the trigger will result in them shooting to the air one by one.

How much money can you fit in a money gun?

With a self-serve screen, the user can input and sort up to 100 bills by currency. The trigger is used to control the flow of cash.

Who invented the money gun?

Invented by entrepreneur Michael Schexnayder, it’s based on a toy gun and can be manufactured using 3D printing.

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